Dining Room

Simple and Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

In the lighting in the dining room could use a lamp or candle. But most people use light as the lighting in the dining room. It seems like there are still many people who do not understand that the use of lighting candles can also be done. With the lighting of candles to make the atmosphere becomes more romantic. In placement candles can be used in many ways such as on the picture above. Candles have been placed on a timber field in the hanging in the sky. Because of the light that is given is not enough bright then the dining room requires a large window so that sunlight can enter the air and so the exchange can occur with either.

In using of lighting with candle wax usually use quite a lot of light in order to provide enough light to illuminate the room. Lighting in using candles is still a bit using. But if you like a different atmosphere than usual then you can use this as a light candles in your dining room. The light produces usually have red wax therefore staining is selected should have a good combination with the red color.

Installation of candles not only to be hung in the ceiling. But can you put on the table to make it look like a luxurious atmosphere like as in the hotel. You just put two candles that adorn the dining table in order to provide enough light to illuminate the room in the dining room. Because the wax is white then the walls in the dining room also has a white color that has the same color as the color on the bench and chandelier that have a brown color so happens that a good fusion as on the picture above.

If you want a pretty dark atmosphere then you just change the color of the walls and the dining table so that the atmosphere becomes darker. But there must also be a large window in the dining room to add lighting in the dining room. Lighting the candles beside to adding the romance can also create an elegant atmosphere.

Candles are hung up with aluminum can be created by adding a layer of wax in the outside to let the light spreads in all directions. Therefore, you should have enough knowledge so that the lighting with the candles can make the atmosphere better.

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