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Dining Room Furniture Ideas for Small Space

Space has always been a problem to any homeowner in terms of their rooms. The problem does not only lies on bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens, but also on dining rooms. Dining room is a place where you won’t only be eating, but also be chatting with your family, spending time together. And in terms of togetherness, you might want a big space to have it, or at least an essentially small place that looks big. Here are five tips for you to arrange your small dining room into an efficiently big one.

First things first. About the table. Now, try a round table. A compact round table usually seats more people than a rectangular one, it can also fit into tight corners. Even, if possible, you can use a folding table. You know, a collapsible table can be put away if you ever need more open floor space. If there is a folding round table, it is the best choice for you, definitely.

If you have closets or cabinets, try to make them efficiently exist by mounting your dining room table. Make sure that the folding table you use will fold flat against the wall shelving when not in use, that it will double as some sort of door of your cabinet or closet.
If you like your kitchen directly faces the dining room, you can try and make a bar countertop as your dining table, next to the kitchen. If possible, put it next to where you cook to serve the food as quickly as possible.

As for the chairs, the best choice for you is a folding chair. If possible, look for a folding chair that can function as a table when being folded. Try as hard as possible to have chairs that fit well with your table, make sure their seats can be completely underneath the table, in order to save space.

For your rugs, do not use those kinds which are horizontally expandable, use a rolling storage to help the rugs arranged vertically, again, to save space. If possible, use a foldable rugs in order to fold the parts when they’re not in use. If you want more tip for this, you can also put shelves to replace rugs, attach a few levels of shelves on your dining room wall, this will save place, and also save money.

The last thing is your cabinetry and closets. Keep it in mind that you have to make sure that you have enough shelves inside your closets and cabinets. You can fit many things inside with levels of shelves, than if you use cabinets that only have one room for one door.

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